Postpartum Sexyback


Hi there. Thank you so much for checking my blog. Your continued support is really appreciated. As I look toward the end of the week I am reminded that my wedding anniversary is coming up. I cannot believe how fast time has gone. .

Let’s Catch Up

shared1We’re going on 5 years of marital bliss and so much has happened since. Let me list the ways:

  • I’ve given birth to two beautiful girls
  • I no longer fit in my wedding dress as a result
  • I found out that I can survive without sleep when necessary
  • I love being at home
  • My body has done for me and my girls than I ever thought it could
  • I have tiger stripes also know as cellulite

Honestly, much more has happened but for the sake of this post I decided to focus on me. In case you missed it, what I listed are the changes in my physical appearance and it wasn’t by accident. 

Physical Confidence

20180902_181353-01796336718.jpegWhen I was younger I was really insecure about how thin I was. It was very common for someone to comment on my weight and my lack of it. I was very self-conscious about my butt, I was told it was too big. I cared about the length of my hair and how I never was able to retain any length. The list goes on. 

Fast forward a few years and I finally see the beauty in my thin frame and every curve of my body. I began to appreciate the woman I saw in the mirror. It also helped when Tyra Banks reposted one of my selfies…good times. But then I got pregnant. 

I knew the weight gain would be temporary and I was expecting a speedy weight loss because I had a plan. I remember the night when I realized that I had nothing in my closet that fit. I wasn’t making a lot of money so it’s not like I could’ve gone on a shopping. I sat down on my bed and I began to cry. My husband came in and consoled me. He reassured me that I was still beautiful in his eyes but at that point it didn’t matter. 


20170531_165226.gifOnce I had my girls, I was grateful for their health and while I was savouring every part of motherhood, I began to miss my “normal” body or what I grew accustomed to be my “normal” body. I found myself bumping into things. I was becoming clumsy.

My knees were beginning to hurt doing simple squats and lunges. I really hated that. I was feeling aches and pains that I wasn’t accustomed to. I also couldn’t fit into my clothes and my size had gone from 4 to 14 within the span of a year. I found myself shying away from anything that didn’t stretch or hide from my tummy. This began to hurt my confidence. 

How was I going to get my sexy back?

Journey to Sexy

First I had to realize that sexy isn’t based on size but on self confidence. My husband still finds me attractive and so it’s not coming from him. It’s all internal. I needed to shut that voice up and counter it with the truth. Here’s the truth:

  • My body birthed 2 babies
  • my body fed 2 babies
  • my body can move
  • my body continues to surprise me and allows me to overcome any challenge thrown at me

You see my body wasn’t the problem. My mind was. So I decided to start working out. I started buying work out clothes. Cute ones that would brighten my mood. I started participating in challenges that forced me to put on makeup and get dressed. I even started buying clothes that fit and shows off my figure. 

Now here I am loving my body for what it is. I mean why not? My husband doesn’t have that issue. 

Have you felt this way before? 

In A World Where

Hey there! Thanks for checking out my blog.

This year I’ve decided to participate in #nablopomo. This is a challenge where bloggers around the world write a blog post a day for the month of November.

Today, as I was feeling nostalgic, I looked at some of my daughter’s pictures. You see my daughter is a toddler with a lot of energy and a big imagination, which I absolutely admire.


It’s crazy to me that 2019 that many girls around the world are denied their right as a basic human being, let alone their right to live and dream.

I don’t know what’s in store for my girl.

She may become an athlete. Changing the game and elevating the skill level required to play.

20190921_102328_originalA savvy businesswoman, taking on important phone calls. Maybe changing the global spectrum on an international level.

20190701_135245_originalMaybe a veterinarian. She loves animals…well as long as she doesn’t have to touch them. Ok, so maybe not a vet, but anything is possible, right?20190621_101526_original

She could very well be a musician.

20190901_153722_original Or the first driver to master the art of peace while stuck in Toronto’s worst traffic jam.

That would be awesome!

20190803_195701_originalA pilot on a plane, travelling wherever she wants, whenever she wants.

20190907_105924_original An author, creating stories and sharing knowledge.

Whatever she chooses to do, I know it will be awesome. And I will be there supporting her and cheering her on.

In a world where young girls are often tasked with the responsibility of perfect, I challenge every girl to dream. Every girl should be allowed the opportunity to be the woman God designed them to be.

That’s how they become superheroes!20190823_155523_original