My Life Changed When…

At the age of 30, my life completely changed. The doctor threw this living ball of flesh on my chest after labouring for over 40 hours and pushing for about 1 hour. The first thing she did was grip her hands on my hospital gown. She made a sound of some sort, so I held […]


Vlogmas Series 1-7

Hi there! Thank you so very much for checking out my blog. This month I will be dedicated it to vlogmas. It’s my first vlogmas so I’m super excited. Disclaimer: Some of the vlogmas have some gifted items however all opinions expressed are my own. Check out my vlogmas series and don’t forget to subscribe […]


Enjoy the Process

Chapter 2: Fear of Being Wrong We’ve all been afraid at some point in our lives. I’m afraid of releasing this book and I’m writing it! Fear can keep us from moving, creating and ultimately living. It terrorizes us into adopting a lifestyle that binds us and imprison us within a state of constant misery […]