top 3 benefits of online shopping

Hi there! I want to start off by saying thank you for checking out my blog. You could be reading anything and yet here you are hanging out with me. Maybe you need ammunition to justify a recent splurge or maybe you just want to read up on online shopping. I don’t know but either way I’m grateful you are here.

FYI: There are some links in this blog that if you so happen to click on it and/or use their services not only will you get to save money but you also help me out financially. There’s no pressure but if you want to put some butterflies in my belly…putting a little coin in my purse never did hurt anyone.

Ok, let’s get started.

I personally am that person that absolutely hates, and I mean HATE shopping. I do not believe in retail therapy. The very idea of walking into a store and having to sort through the aisle looking for a product that I have in mind that may or may not exist fills me with angst and anxiety. I absolutely hate going through the racks of the clothes just to pick out something that looks somewhat decent at an adequate price point, then to go to the fitting rooms that barely fit me and my oversized winter jackets. Followed by the act of shamelessly trying on the outfit just to be met with utter disappointment of the mediocrity that is on my body, just makes me feel like…ugh! Yes, I am that girl. I don’t do shopping sprees. But from the comfort of my home, in a judge free zone, without any pushy sales person trying to be my friend so she can make a sale…well all bets are off.

It can be done at home

Nowadays, you can shop for anything from the comfort of your home. You can check out a website or download an app on your phone, link your financial information and get what you need with the knowledge that you will receive your item in a few moments. Depending on where you order from or what you order you can receive your beloved quite quickly. It’s like getting a gift in the mail every time. You don’t have to turn it into an event unless you want to.

You could be lying in bed in three day old pajamas and no one will care. Did you shower? Does it matter? No and no. Are your kids screaming at the top of their lungs because they are pretending to be pirates on the hunt for a hidden treasure? Does it even matter? No! You’re not bothering anyone. You are home. You are safe.

You could be lying in bed in three day old pajamas and no one will care. Did you shower? Does it matter? No and no. Are your kids screaming at the top of their lungs because they are pretending to be pirates on the hunt for a hidden treasure? Does it even matter? No! You’re not bothering anyone. You are home. You are safe.

Also think about how much you are doing by staying home. There’s a pandemic going on and you’re doing your part by maintaining more than six foot distance. Personally, it’s my favourite form of social distancing. But then again I’m an introvert and a mother with a pretty good imagination. That’s a recipe for my anxiety to reach abnormally high levels for absolutely no reason.

Also, not only are you saving your gas but you are also reducing pollutants. You are doing your part in the environment for the environment. We’ll also not include the way the packages get to your house for the sake of “we’re doing our part by saving the environment!” argument, ok? Thanks.

Store hours, what store hours?

Unless you are ordering groceries, there is no such thing as a closing time. All the online shops remain open for those moments you feel inspired. Let me give you an example.

You may see this outfit on your feed and feel inspired to get your very own #aeriereal grey loungewear that make you feel like the heavens opened up and God, Himself, hugged you in His sweet fluffy and comforting goodness. I’m just saying…

Lucky for you can get this look by clicking on my link and get your very own grey sweat pants and matching hoodie for yourself and/or your loved one. I mean at this point, if your man really wanted you to stop wearing his hoodie he would just get you this set and all would be well. I’m just saying.

You can shop any look, any time and not worry about anything anybody has to say. Feel like having a shopping spree at three in the morning? Go for it!

Easier to save money

When it comes to shopping I always feel better knowing that I can save money without digging for a cut up coupon stuck deep in my wallet under the pile of receipts I’ve collected. I love using promo codes and discount codes. Even cash back app are a great way to save money. A lot of the times your favourite influencer, including myself, get really great discount codes in hopes to drive traffic to retailers and do you know what we do with them? We share them.

With the holidays we’re all looking to score a sweet deal. I know that Sephora will soon be having their winter sale and what better time it is not just to save money but to put some money back into your pocket. I use Ampli which is a cash back app. This means that when you make a purchase you actually get some money back. The great thing is you can use at so many stores that you don’t have to wait until you are splurging to get cash back. And you don’t have to wait until you reach a super high amount to cash out. It’s available in Canada and the US, so if you so chose to sign up click here and use the promo coded AMPLI5 to get $5 once you finish signing up.

If you want to get your personalized vitamin order, I’ve got a code for that. Persona does that and all you have to do is take a 5 minute assessment quiz. Not only do you get your vitamins delivered to you every month, but it has your name on it so you know it’s yours. All you have to do is click here and use the promo code SANDY50 to save %50 on your first order.

So you see? It’s quite easy to save when shopping online. You save money. You save time and you save yourself the fatigue of having to pack two tiny humans in a car while forcing them to behave in a place that you just don’t want to be in…or maybe that’s just me.

Let me hear you. Why do you love online shopping?

DIY Bath time PlayDough

Hey there! Thank you so much for checking my blog. Your support and your attention is greatly appreciated. Just so you know, this post is not sponsored in any way and all opinions expressed are strictly my own.

Bath Time Chronicles

In our household, bath time can be a very situation. That’s because my daughter knows that bath time leads to bedtime and bedtime…well bedtime is the opposite of fun. 

Ever since the parks were shut down, my daughter’s main source of fun has been confined to indoors. I had to since, appeal to her creative and boy does she have one. Recently my husband bought playdough but that dried out so, she’s been bored ever since. She always asks for it so I took matters into my own hands. 

PlayDough Search


I knew that many other moms were far more creative than me and if I could alleviate my daughter’s creative itch than I would do it. After searching on Pinterest for DIY playdough, I found this super easy DIY playdough that my kid could use in her bath. 

Using the DIY Playdough Soap Recipe from Parenting Chaos, I found it super easy to follow. The best part is that there is room for error. You don’t need to worry about ruining a batch or losing a batch. The best part is that the recipe allows for a big batch to be made so you can store some for a later use. 

The Verdict


Based on that smile you can see that she absolutely loves her playdough. She gets to roll it, pat it, fold and mold it according to her liking. She loves playing with it at the kitchen table while watching her YouTube videos. Every once in a while I am forced to pretend eat a slice of pink “cake” or a pink and red “hamburger”. 

What she loves most is that she can play with it in the bath tub. Eventually, the playdough falls apart in the tub as it foams up but it still retain it’s playdough texture. It foams up when introduced to water. 

Final Thoughts

Canada’s Naturalista Hair Product

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If you’re like me, the biggest challenge is to find the product you need all the while wanting to support the local economy. As patriotic as that sounds, I would also love to find great hair care products right here in Canada. I do believe they do exist. So I’ve done some research and here are some companies that are based in Canada that focus on natural hair and hair products.

LUS Brand

This brand allows you to shop online and it’s based in Canada. You can find the right product for you by shopping for your hair type. You don’t need to wonder if you’re getting the right amount moisture for your curls, they’ve got it figured out for you.


If you’re looking for hair extension with a more natural look, and doesn’t require a whole bottle of edge control then this online shop is what you need. It can be difficult to find good hair extension that takes your fro to the next level without that plastic look.

Earthtones Naturals

You can find them online and at stores. Their products are 80% natural which great for your hair, scalp and the environment. You can buy samples so you can try it before committing to the full size products. Great for those of us who want to save that coin.

Frizé Frizé

They are based right here in the nation’s capital. This one stop shop is your way to get your hairstyle right. It’s great for wash and go’s. They also have store that carry their product which is great for saving on shipping.

Curly Hair Design

This Ottawa based shop is lead by Paula, wonderful hairstylist and educator and so much more. Curly Hair Design offers help and tools to not simply sell you a product but empowers the customer with the tools and knowledge necessary to better care for your curls. She has a leave in conditioner and various avenues for stylists and customers alike to be better equipped when it comes to understanding curly hair care.

I hope you enjoyed this list. I know that with the holidays coming up we are all wanting to look good and save our coin.

So let me know which Canadian hair care shop do you check out?

Pregnancy Self Diagnosis Gone Wrong

Hey there! Thank you for checking my blog. For those of you who’ve been following here or on my instagram, you know how anxious I’ve been (click here to read my post regarding this). However, I committed myself to enjoying my pregnancy this time around and sucessfully I did. Until that fateful day when everything changed.

On Sunday, September 22, 2019 I gave birth to my second daughter.

It was everything I didn’t expect.

Like my first, it was a vaginal birth. That’s where the similarities end.

Unlike my first delivery, my water unknowingly broke on my way down to another city four hours away from home. Unfortunately, without having had my water break before I thought I had a leaky bladder. You see the kicker is that my water broke Friday night at 10:00 pm. I looked the mucous plug, the “showing”, the slight pinkish-bloody fluid (I had done my research) and I saw nothing but clear fluid. I smelled my underwear and smelled urine. So then, I waited for the contractions but got nothing. In my head I was fine and my bladder lost the battle of control to my unborn child.

The next day (Saturday morning), I shot a music video (more on that later) and hung out with my daughter at the beach.




This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I was exhausted. Mind you I was still “leaking” but no contractions.

The day went on without any issues, we got back to our room that night and prepared ourselves for the drive back home.

In the middle of the night, or early Sunday morning, I was awakened by a sudden need to use the washroom. At first I felt cramping but I dismissed it as maybe having eaten something that didn’t agree with my stomach. The third time, I had to go to the washroom, the pain that came with it was so intense I knew we had to go to the hospital.

There was no time for epidural. From start to finish everything was less than an hour. I hated labour. I’m grateful it was fast but I hated it.

But she is here. Healthy and thriving.

Unfortunately, because my water broke over 24 hours before the doctors had to do so many tests. This is why I am writing this post.

Losing amniotic fluid during the pregnancy is never good because the amniotic fluid is what keeps the unborn child safe. Without realizing it, I placed my child’s health in jeopardy by not going to the hospital earlier.

Learn from my mistake. If you see leakage that wasn’t there before GO TO THE HOSPITAL!

There is so much information online these day and as much as I love Google, there are certain things that can’t be self-diagnosed. Especially when it comes to your health. So get that professional opinion and be safe.