Canada’s Naturalista Hair Product

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If you’re like me, the biggest challenge is to find the product you need all the while wanting to support the local economy. As patriotic as that sounds, I would also love to find great hair care products right here in Canada. I do believe they do exist. So I’ve done some research and here are some companies that are based in Canada that focus on natural hair and hair products.

LUS Brand

This brand allows you to shop online and it’s based in Canada. You can find the right product for you by shopping for your hair type. You don’t need to wonder if you’re getting the right amount moisture for your curls, they’ve got it figured out for you.


If you’re looking for hair extension with a more natural look, and doesn’t require a whole bottle of edge control then this online shop is what you need. It can be difficult to find good hair extension that takes your fro to the next level without that plastic look.

Earthtones Naturals

You can find them online and at stores. Their products are 80% natural which great for your hair, scalp and the environment. You can buy samples so you can try it before committing to the full size products. Great for those of us who want to save that coin.

Frizé Frizé

They are based right here in the nation’s capital. This one stop shop is your way to get your hairstyle right. It’s great for wash and go’s. They also have store that carry their product which is great for saving on shipping.

Curly Hair Design

This Ottawa based shop is lead by Paula, wonderful hairstylist and educator and so much more. Curly Hair Design offers help and tools to not simply sell you a product but empowers the customer with the tools and knowledge necessary to better care for your curls. She has a leave in conditioner and various avenues for stylists and customers alike to be better equipped when it comes to understanding curly hair care.

I hope you enjoyed this list. I know that with the holidays coming up we are all wanting to look good and save our coin.

So let me know which Canadian hair care shop do you check out?

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