retinol, the skin saver

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The last time I wrote about Hyaluronic Acid and that did pretty well so today I thought I’d blog about Retinol as part of my #nablopomo challenge. Even though, I’m not a dermatologist I believe that the best data can be found through research and personal experience. Once we have said data, we should be able to share those findings so that you as a consumer can make the right choice for your lifestyle.

I have heard about retinol for a while but it wasn’t until a few of my favourite skin care influencers and dermatologists started talking about retinol that I began to pay attention. As a Black woman, I was always under the impression that since I was Black my face would not crack if I simply washed my face and applied a moisturizer. Then I got older and realized that the signs of ageing do not discriminate simply because I’m black. Also, I realized I needed more than a cleanser and moisturizer to deal with my seasonal temperamental skin.

On a whim I bought Retinol from The Inkey List. I wasn’t expecting much but I knew that I didn’t want to settle for whatever my skin decided to do on any given day. Also, the price point was really good and I got cash back on my Sephora purchase by using a cash back app called AMPLI so of course I was in.

Ampli is a cash back app that I use to get cash back on my purchases. If you sign up using the code AMPLI5 you will get $5 without purchasing a thing. That’s just for signing up. What do you think about that?

Let’s go back.

What is retinol?

Retinol is an alcoholized version of Vitamin A. It is often used to treat Vitamin A deficiency, but that’s not what we’re here to discuss. It is used in skin care to prevent wrinkles and take care of acne, which is right along my alley. More specifically, retinol is known to unclog pores, reduce acne breakouts as a result which therefore decreases acne scarring…because there are less acne appearing. It’s the catalyst to clearer skin so to speak. It’s also known for increasing the cell turnover rate which helps to show your best skin. If you’ve got some hyperpigmentation and/or dark spot, retinol might be a solution to try.

Some people may experience peeling and redness but that’s due to irritation which can be a side effect to retinol usage. Eventually, your skin will toughen up and build a tolerance to it. I personally did not experience irritation or peeling. Thank goodness.

I’ve just been using for a week so I haven’t really noticed much of a change to my skin, except for the hydration, and turns out that it can take up to 12 weeks to see the expected results. It’s also best to wear retinol at night to ensure that it’s not rendered inactive during the day. Not because of the sun but because we tend to do a lot with our faces during the day. As always consistency is king when it comes to long lasting change.

I bought The Inkey List Retinol Anti-Aging Serum from Sephora about two weeks ago. It comes in a white squeeze with black top. Everything about this packaging screams simple. It has no fragrance. The fluid itself has a gel like texture with a slight yellow tint. It’s quite thin for a gel-cream fluid. You don’t need a lot because a little goes a long way. I apply all over my face for an even finish right after using they hyaluronic serum. The serum has 1% retinol, 0.5% retinoid and squalane to hydrate and soothe.

Overall, I like it. The price point is perfect. The packaging is perfect. I can’t wait to see what my skin will look like.

Ampli is a cash back app that I use to get cash back on my purchases. If you sign up using the code AMPLI5 you will get $5 without purchasing a thing. That’s just for signing up. What do you think about that? There’s tons of places you can use it at not just Sephora. You should check it out.

Have you used retinol? How do you feel about it?

Bmasked Sweet tooth Face Mask Review

Hi there! I’m so happy that you could join me today on my blog. I’ve been committing myself to writing one blog post a day for the whole month of November and so far it’s been going good. If you’ve been following along, I hope that the information that I have been able to share with you has been valuable. If so please let me know in the comments section below.

Disclaimer: This link may post some affiliate links, which allows me to do what I love which is, sharing with you products that I absolutely love. Also to give you insight as to what I use in terms of skin care, hair care and/or motherhood and everything in between. By all means, click the links below.

Today I am finally going to review the BMasked Sweet Tooth Face Mask. I’ve been using this face mask for a while and I am loving it.

But let me back up.

BMasked Skin Care is a Female Canadian owned skin care company that is all about sustainability and using quality locally sourced ingredients to provide the best for your skin care needs. Believe me the quality of the products speaks for itself. This brand is all about executing excellence with each product that it creates. If you’ve used a BMasked product then you know exactly what I am talking about.

Today I have decided to focus on the BMasked Sweet Tooth Face Mask. Lately, I’ve been trying different skin care products and slowly becoming obsessed with whatever a popular TikToker has been hyping up. All while, adjusting my skin care regimen to fit my skin needs for the fall/winter season. Unfortunately, instead of doing my due diligence and researching the product before using it, I decided to fall headfirst into a situation where now my skin is actually peeling. My face is really sensitive and peeling. In other words, I messed up my face.

I used the Sweet Tooth Face Mask because I really needed something to soothe my over-stressed skin, sure enough it delivered as promised. This mask is soothing and it literally calms the skin down as it restores the skin. It contains locally sourced honey which contains anti-inflammatory properties which helps with breakouts. This I need, because not only is my skin is sensitive (due to my abusive ways) but it is also acne-prone (due to my genetic ways…). I love that it has finely ground espresso and date seed powder to gently exfoliate dead skin cells without causing any further irritation to the skin.

Also I love coffee…a lot, so the smell of coffee on my face is a bonus.

This mask has a thick texture with a light brown tint. You can see the tiny specks of the exfoliants in it. It smells like coffee, which personally it screams HEAVEN! I used a mini face spatula to apply it because it is sticky, which I like because it stays in place. I leave it on my face for about 10 mins and then I rinse it off. My face is soft, calm and feels blessed beyond measure. It’s perfect if you have sensitive skin and/or if you’ve been abusing your skin because you’re buying things you shouldn’t be buying.

I highly recommend this face mask. It is currently a staple in my skin care regimen and will be for a while.

Are you currently using a face mask? Let me know below