Belif true cream-moisturizing bomb and youth creator-age knockdown review

Hi there! I just want to start off by saying thank you so much for checking out my blog. You could be doing anything, anywhere but here you are with me and this brings me so much joy. Just to let you know that this blog contains products that I’ve received from Influenster for free for testing purposes. Also, I have some affiliate links listed in this blog. If you so happen to want to try these items out and you purchase it from this blog you will be supporting me so that I can keep doing what I love. As always, all opinions expressed are strictly my own and I promise to spill all the absolute truth in this post.

For a while, I have been seeing Belif skin care pop up on my instagram feed. When Influenster decided to include me in their campaign I was all in. My skin tends to go from combination/oily skin to combination/dry once the season goes from hot to cold. My skin is not afraid to let me know that it requires moisture and more moisture as the seasons change. So I was pretty excited to try the Belif True Cream-Moisturizing Bomb and Youth Creator-Age Knockdown Bomb Serum.

True Cream-Moisturizing Bomb

This cream is described as a heavy cream that gives an explosion of moisture on the skin. It claims to provide up to 26 hours of moisture and is great for dull and flaky skin. Personally, I find that enticing since my skin tends to get so dry at times that it will flake. This heavy cream is cushiony and contains ingredients such as comfrey leaf, oat extract and panthenol. Comfrey leaf is an herb known to heal dry and calloused hands. Oat extract is known for its skin soothing and healing properties. Panthenol is great for attracting and holding in moisture, like a humectant. This cream is listed as good for normal, dry, combination and oily skin.

All of this is perfect for my skin as I transition my skin from fall into winter. Especially during the coldest months of the year it is needed, Canadian weather has not always been kind to my skin.

When I used the cream, I found that my skin readily and easily absorbed the cream. A little bit really goes a long way with this cream. It has a very pleasant and floral scent which is nice. It’s not distracting or overbearing. It goes away within a few minutes of application. It spreads very easily and can be used on the rest of the body not just the face. I really like how multifunctional its use is, even though I would just use it on my face. For now I plan to use it as night only because the weather is still mild. However, once the weather starts dropping into the negative double digits I will be using it twice a day to ensure my skin stays moisturized.

Belif Youth Creator-Age Knockdown Bomb

This anti-aging serum is described as a lightweight gel that is great for anyone who wants to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It’s also supposed to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores and increase the skin’s elasticity to give off younger looking skin hence its name.

It contains ingredients like cedrol, winter aster and water pennywort. Cedrol helps to boost the skin’s elasticity and it’s firmness. Winter Aster is great for supporting the skin’s overall complexion. Water Pennywort helps to soothe the skin. It’s good to note that it’s vegan and comes in a recyclable packaging.

I personally loved this serum. It has this slight yellow tint but it goes on clear on the skin. It smells so good but the scent goes away right away. Like the cream, the scent gives me soft floral vibes and it’s not off putting. I found it moisturizing as well and very lightweight. The pump is easy to use and I just really like serum overall.

So this concludes my initial reaction of this anti-aging skincare duo. I will most likely continue using this alongside the rest of my skin care products. I have not seen any reaction that would cause me to stop and it seems to work well with my anti acne cleanser.

What’s your favourite cream these days? Let me know in the comments

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Top 5 Natural Hair Instagrammers: Canadian Girl Edition

If you live up north, you know that weather plays a big role in hair care. The cold weather is a curse that we are forced to deal throughout the year. If you’re like me you’ve searched for help on how to deal with the cold weather but have had no luck, well here I’ve made a list of my favourite hair care gurus for us Canadian naturals.

    1. Curly Hair Designs

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You all know how I feel about the having the hair fully hydrated with water before that product goes in. ⁠ ⁠ Make sure that you can the see the full curl pattern potential before enhancing with product. ⁠ ⁠ #CurlyHairDesign⁠ #CurlyTypesNTextures⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ ⁠ #curlyhair ⠀⁠ #curlspecialist ⠀⁠⁠ #naturallycurly ⠀⁠ #canadiannaturalistas ⠀⁠ #ottawahairstylist ⠀⁠ #ottawahairsalon⠀⁠ #ottawahair ⠀⁠ #ottawacurlies ⠀⁠ #curlyhairproduct⁠ #haireducator⠀⁠ #ottawabusiness ⠀⁠ #naturalcurls ⠀⁠ #curlybeauty ⠀⁠⁠ #confidentcurls⁠ #curlyhaireducation⁠ #textureunderstood⁠ ⁠#naturalhairsistas ⁠ #naturalhairtips⁠ #kinkycurlyhair⁠ #curlyhairsalon⁠ #curlyeducation⁠ #curlyhair⁠ #hydrateyourhair

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    1. Kelly Labelle

AMC Hair Studio

Exotik Roots

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What is your favorite tool to detangle your #NaturalHair? ⁣ ⁣ Did you know that the way that you detangle can hinders your hair growth? ⁣ ⁣ You should aim for this process to be as smooth as possible and try your best to not rip through the hair as this can cause excessive breakage! ⁣ ⁣ A couple of TIPS to improve your detangling process: ⁣ 🎯Use a conditioner/Deep conditioner with a LOT of slip. Your wet hair is already a lot to handle you don’t want to be dealing with a conditioner that is not cut out for the job. ⁣ ⁣ 🎯Split your hair in SECTIONS for better manageability. I did 4 but feel free to do more or less depending on your hair’s density & length⁣ ⁣ 🎯ENDS FIRST! start detangling towards your ends then work your way up. This will reduce the constant yanking and pulling of the hair as the bottom will already be detangled ⁣ ⁣ 🎯Personally like to start with my fingers while applying the product then go ahead with a wide tooth comb or a detangling brush. This allows me to feel the tangles and work my way through them. ⁣ ⁣ 🎯If a section is giving you a hard time, run it through water and separate the tangle with your finger then a detangling tool. It is very important to make sure that your whole head of hair is detangled. The better job you do every time, lower are the chances of your hair dreading up. ⁣ ⁣

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Sandy Esprit


Each of these ladies are Canadian and have something you either need or want. When it comes to our curls, education is key. We must know it and learn to care for it, in order to remove the stigma of natural hair care in our community.

If not for ourselves, then for our daughters.

Let’s have fun this winter.

Make Bath Time Great!

Bath time is hands down our favourite activity in our household. Bath time is so much for her. She loves being in the water as long as it’s warm. She gets to splash it, gets wraps herself in it (or she tries) and we have our most interesting conversations during bath time. It’s mostly one sided because all I hear is gibberish and I can’t respond accordingly but you get the picture.


She understands that bath time precedes bed time. She’s aware that in the next 30 minutes after bath time ends, bed time will follow and that’s ok. This is the time we get to spend together and it’s as much about her being clean as it is about us engaging together. This is our time and get to spend it together.

*FYI: Some of these items have been gifted but the opinions shared are mine nonetheless.

So this is how we do bath time in our house.

  1. Bubbles20190122_201534-011635871559.jpegMost babies and toddler have delicate skin to begin with. Winter doesn’t help. So we might as well cater to their needs and keep their skin baby soft.

Jonhson’s has recently relaunched their baby care line and their lavender bubble bath smells so good. The lavender smell is not overpowering, it’s faint like a whisper for your nose.

But this girl only cares about bubbles. She always wants to eat it too, I don’t know why. She loves to touch it and try to mold it. I think she’s just trying to make sense of this soft white foam that can’t seem to hold itself still. It’s quite fascinating to watch her with the bubbles.

2. Gentle Cleanser


LaRoche Posay has a great skin care, especially for sensitive skin. Their Lipikar line has been a life saver for my baby girl. It’s fragrance free, super gentle and so creamy that it just feels like a satin glove on your skin. It lathers beautifully and keeps her skin from being dehydrated.

She loves to just put it on her skin by herself. In fact, lately she’s been asking me to do things by herself. She’s pretty good at wiping herself with the wash cloth too. My little girl is growing up (insert tear). Where does the time go?

3. Toys!


Toys are always fun. We always incorporate some kind of toy with her at bath time. Some times we use the rings, sometimes it’s a cup and other times it’s a pitcher. A jug or juice pitcher that would otherwise be used to pour water on her.

Honestly, most kids do not need much to keep themselves entertained. I don’t even know why I bother buying toying when she’s more interested in a pitcher, a bag or a box as a form of entertainment but she is and that’s that.


I hope these tips help. How do you keep bath time entertaining at your house? Let me know in the comments below.