It’s Never Like In The Movies …

It’s never like in the movies. There’s no musical background to set the mood. There’s no focused lens to keep you zoned in on a moment.

There’s usually lots going on, at the same time. Sometimes it’s a storm with all the different environmental elements going on at the same time. You feel the humidity in the air as the cloud gather themselves. They darken quickly and release the torrential downpour. The wetness gets uncomfortable. It gets cold too quickly and the need for comfort becomes paramount.

Sometimes the storm shows up in other forms. It’s a mountain of bills that needs to be paid, dishes still unwashed, children with an attitude who choose to stain the kitchen floor with cereal and milk, traffic and construction coupled to delay your journey, the list goes on.

On the days like this it’s easy to lose it. Yelling, crying and checking out become a side effect of the storm.

Unlike the movies, we can’t cut to another scene. We ride out the storm.

Today I choose to use the umbrella of gratitude.

I’m grateful for my loved ones who love me despite the storm.

Comfortable In My Body

Hey there! Thanks for reading my blog. As you can tell I’m fully engaged in #nablopomo. The yearly blog challenge which takes place every November, where bloggers such as myself get to write about whatever.

Of course, I’m doing this while caring for a newborn and making lunch.

For today’s topic, I’ve decided to write about my body and how awesome it is, in all it’s glory. I may be tooting my horn, and believe I will be tooting it the loudest. Does it mean I will be parading my post pregnancy body in a Kardashian-esque photo op?

Umm, NO!


However considering I used to look to be a size 4/6 insecure young woman (see bottom pic) who blew up and gained an uncomfortable 40 pounds during my first pregnancy (see top pic) I think I faired pretty well.

The truth is I didn’t. I had all this weight on me and after the baby was born I just couldn’t snap back. My body didn’t look like it did before the baby did no matter I did.

I did diet which I never had to do. I ran, which I hate doing. I even cut out CARBS!

Do you know how much carbs mean to me?!

20180902_181353-01796336718.jpegThis was the best I could do. Looking back on it, this is amazing!

Unfortunately I couldn’t get over that 5 pounds of fat, that I couldn’t get rid.

That little pouch that I couldn’t mold into a flat tummy, hanging off of me.

What kind of sorcery is this? Where we could bypass the greatest feat ever to grace this body?

I carried a child in my womb, while my uterus grew to be the size of a watermelon?

I pushed a child out of my you-know-what, while it grew to be 10 centimeters wide.

I nursed a child from birth, providing it’s every nutrient, water supply, love, care, etc.

This body literally did this, not once but TWICE!

So yeah, I’m tooting my own horn and this time around. I’m eating all the KD dinners I want. I will eat all the carbs I desire. Please, let’s continue to indulge in the chocolate candies and Nutella sandwiches.

I will enjoy this body and be grateful for this fine piece of machinery that I’m so very blessed to inhabit.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got tiny humans to tend to.

Potty Trained in 2 Weeks!


ugh! Potty training is the one challenge I was not looking forward to. If you read my last potty training blog post you know that it did not go as well as I wanted to. I had all these expectations from listening to my mother talk about her potty training experience with me and my sisters and my husband was potty training in four days (FOUR DAYS?!). I read blogs on potty training in 3 days, I asked for advice from other moms and child care professionals and forced my daughter to watch potty training videos on youtube.

She wasn’t ready So we put the potty away decided to wait. You can read more here.

But I’m glad to see to say that my daughter is potty trained and I couldn’t be more proud!

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