How To Enjoy The Process


Enjoy The Process

Chances are, you’re in this moment in your life where things aren’t exactly the way you dreamed it to be when you were little. You are probably facing some financial difficulties, you’re not exactly sure where to go career-wise, and/or maybe you are just so stressed out by the everyday hustle and bustle you’re just discouraged because everyone seems to have it all figured out. Well the good news is, I have some tools to help you enjoy the “process”.

The “process” is often likened to that period in your life when you as a caterpillar are going through your metamorphosis. I say this because process is practice for your God given destiny. It’s practice for you to live out your purpose. While you are waiting to become the butterfly of your dreams take advantage of the time you’ve been given and learn to love yourself all over again. The “you” before social media and the social constructs of your environment determined who and how “you” should look like, act like and be like. The real “YOU”.



The key to getting to your “butterfly” moment is taking advantage of time. Everything takes times and unfortunately there is no app for fast forward or slow down time. If we did we would miss out on key transformative moments  within us and in our life. See you are destined for amazing things but you can’t fully function in your destiny if you don’t have the training and the habits to ensure continuous success.

For example, if you have bad spending habits no matter how much money you receive in the bank, you will always end being broke. In fact, you may end up saying over and over “If only I had more money!” after countless amounts of raises, job changes (with better salary), cheaper rent spaces, promotions upon promotions, etc. It won’t matter because you haven’t developed the habits to promote healthy financial decision-making skills.

So take advantage of time.

Love YOU!20190122_101443_0001530755486.png

During this time, get to know yourself. Chances are you will absolutely FALL IN LOVE with yourself. Why? Because you are the coolest, most amazing, awesome human being you know.

How do I know that? Well you keep taking care of yourself, pushing yourself to do better and be better. Are you perfect? No maybe not, but you are learning and that’s key.

Before you were brainwashed into thinking you had to completely change your passions and desires to fit someone else’s ideology of who you are, you were still you. You just didn’t know and/or care what anyone thought. In fact, back then it didn’t matter.

Honestly, there’s no better time to do it. If you don’t love you, then you won’t be able to appreciate anybody’s love towards you. You are deserving to live out your dream and to see yourself as worthy of living out your destiny. Your God-given destiny is there to you bless you as well as your loved ones and anyone else you would encounter.

Don’t be afraid or ashamed. You got this!


In closing,

all of this is going to require some work. The process will be over before you know it if you get this early. The sooner you learn to enjoy it, the better.

The process is practice for the moment you step into your destiny. Make your mistakes now, ask your questions, develop those habits and love yourself. You will not regret it.

And remember,

YOU got this!


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