My Birthday Amazon Picks

Hi there! My name is Sandy Esprit and I’m a stay at home mom who happens to homeschool two daughters and create content full time.

Full disclaimer I’ve got affiliate links in this post. I would really appreciate it if you would support this channel by purchasing via these affiliate links. No pressure though.

It’s my birthday week so I’ve decided to put together some of my favourite household items that just add a little more je ne sais quoi to my living space. It also adds to convenience to my life while keeping with the aesthtics.

Some are just some tools and others are just create the right effect.

By the way, you can visit my Amazon store front right here!

This rechargeable electric lighter is a must have. It’s so conveniently and you’re not spending a lot of time getting the right spark. Also it never runs out as long as your have electricity.
This pod holder is so chic and adds such a layer of chic to your coffee counter. It also makes storage looks so luxe.
This easy to assemble shelving system is beautiful. Again I’m here for the gorgeous storage unit that fits the aesthetics.

That’s it for now. I hope you enjoy!

Catch you on the next blog!

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