Fall Outfits that you can find on my liketoknow.it

Hi there! I just want to start off by saying thank you so very much for check out my blog post. You could be doing anything right now, but here you are with me and I appreciate it so much. In case you didn’t know, I have participated in #NaBloPoMo challenge. This is where I write a blog post every day for a whole month. I’m not going to lie to you, it takes preparation and some sacrifice but the fact that you’re here makes it all worth it.

Disclaimer: This blog post does have affiliate links. If you so choose to click on these links and make a purchase I get a coin or two tossed into my wallet. Believe me, you will never pay more and in some cases you may even save some money. You see, it’s a win for the both of us.

I never saw myself as a fashionista, though I’ve always had an affinity for style and fashion, my lanky features and disproportionate hip to waist ratio made it really hard for me to ever find anything that I liked. Also factor in the fact that I absolutely trying clothing at a store, well the rest is history.

It’s crazy because my mother is a licensed fashion designer and my grandmother is one of the most gifted seamstresses I’ve ever known. So it makes sense that the affinity would be there but it wouldn’t be until recently reconcile my taste for fashion. Even though I use to watch shows like What Not To Wear and Fashion Television I was never really able to showcase my style. Also, I really love being comfortable.

Loungewear is my thing. I love loungewear. A good loungewear set needs to functional, cute, good fit and can be worn different ways. If I can’t see myself wearing sneakers and heels with it, then it’s not the set for me.

For example,

Shop this pic from @sandyesprit
This tan Boohoo set can be worn differently when broken up.

I’ve worn this set in different ways since.

When I’m wearing errands I like to wear the pant with a neutral tank and a jacket to stay warm.
Pair the sweater with these faux leather pants and we’ve gone from stay at home to slay at home. Tuck in the sweater if you want to showcase that hourglass figure.
I love this belted ankle tapered pants. I also like that it gives my tummy a tucked feel and all I need is heels and I’m ready to close the deal of my imaginary multi-billion industry.

One should never feel trapped by an outfit but freed by the endless possibilities. You worked for that money and if you choose to spend it on clothing, it should spark joy whichever way you see fit to wear. Also, looking fabulous is an instant by-product of feeling your best.

For awhile we were told that joggers could only be worn a certain, well we’re not doing that anymore. Dress it up if you’re feeling fancy and dress it down if you’ve things to do. You get to choose the way joggers are to be perceived.

Last but not least is my favourite loungewear set, EVER!

Shop this pic from @sandyesprit
Shop the look!

This set is the epitome of comfort at the highest level. This grey sweatpants and matching hoodie is the reason why women will leave their man’s hoodie alone…maybe. It is so comfortable and warm which is great for the fall winter season. It’s awesome if you want to binge or get work or travel. It makes for the perfect gift.

You can shop all of these looks by following me on LiketoKnow.It. This one stop shop for all your fashion influences. Did I influence you, Let me know in the comments or click on any of the links above.

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