The Perfect Wash and Go Tutorial

It came highly requested and as promised here it is!

For many of us getting curls that are really defined with any frizz is a 12 step process with much prayer. But I’ve figured out a way to get your curls seen front and centre, everytime. Unless it rains then you’re on your own.

All you need is three ingredients.

The products used are:

1. @earthtonesnatural Curl Quench Hair Butter…

2. @earthtonesnatural Curl Define Max Curl Enhancing Gelly…

3. TGIN Honey Whip Hydrating Mousse…

In less than half an hour you’ll be rocking your wash and go like a pro.

What I love about this hairstyle is that it’s super versatile, easy to maintain and can last up to five days. I’ve worked out, showered and slept without much disruption with this hairstyle. I recommend anyone who’s on the verge of banning wash and go from their hair to try this method first. If you do let me how it goes!

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