Artsy Time, Egg Carton Sailboat

Hi there! Thanks for checking out my blog. Just to let you know that this post isn’t sponsored by anything other than my desire to keep my 2 year old occupied long enough to take a deep breath.

Ever since, the parks have been close it’s been really hard to find activities that will keep my kid entertained while I tend to my 6 month old, indoors. Since she’s not into running up and the stairs, I figured I should come up with a plan that will be fun for her.

So I did what any other mom would do. I went on Pinterest and finally caved in to doing some arts & crafts.

Inspired by Woo Jr. my daughter and I (mostly me) decided to create a sailboat. It went a little something like this.


So thank you The Spruce Craft for sharing! My daughter totally loves her sailboat and I’m just happy it kept occupied.

Let me know what crafts you’ve been up to.

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