3 Ways to Get Ready Faster aka on Mommy Time

Every mother out there knows that the effective way to get through any day of the week is to do everything at the same time, efficiently and effectively. Even if it means skipping a few hygienic steps along the way. The struggle is real, I won’t lie but I think I’ve been able to cheat the system.

…Or at least pretend I did. However, if you keep reading you’ll be able to get your skin care regimen done in half the time and still look like an Instagram-mom. Or at least you’ll be able to look like a human and not a zombie fighting the toddler apocalypse.

Moisturizing Body Scrub

One of my favourite, I mean absolute favourite skin care routine is shower time. Unfortunately, my toddler…you know what I mean.

I can’t always pretend to be on a weekend getaway or make time to moisturize my skin, so I do the best that I can.

This winter was one of the worst I’ve ever experienced. I had to take action in some way, shape or form and so I did. But I needed to do it, in time and on time.


Introducing the LuvBody Pure Shea Butter Organic Scrub with organic turmeric & sweet orange.  The only body scrub I have ever used that actually keeps my skin moisturized.

On the coldest days of the year, my skin would start to itch as soon as I left my house. Maybe it took about 15 minutes of waiting for the bus, but you get my drift. My skin was screaming  for some love, but my time was telling me that time was not on my side. I couldn’t find the right skin cream or make the time to search for it.


Knowing that I needed a good body scrub and get my skin feeling nice and smooth as soon as possible I had to take action. So on a cold winter night, once the baby was asleep, I drew myself a bath to warm myself up. I used this amazing scrub and the results were beyond what I could imagine. It was everything I needed in a scrub.

The ingredients were natural without any weird chemical made in a lab with potential carcinogenic effects in the long run. The only damage I could do to my skin is to over scrub and further damage the skin I was trying to repair. I was loving my scrub a bit too much. So I had to minimize it to once a week.

It was definitely the best way to get my skin glowing in the dead of winter. I honestly believe that without it my skin would’ve died.

One Step Make-Up Remover

I am big on proper skin care. I did the whole double cleansing method, using the micellar water, using makeup remover wipes and even a makeup remover face towel. Believe these are all great ways of ridding your face of your daily makeup application. After a long day, when it’s finally time to hit my bed, I found that all of these makeup removal application took a long time. In fact, it took longer than I was willing to spare. So either I fall asleep with a face full of makeup or I need another solution.

inf_1553171435611-01218399974.jpegI found this Neutrogena naturals fresh cleansing and make-up remover on clearance at my local Rexall pharmacy. I was drawn to the fact that most of its ingredients were natural based. It claimed to be able to remove make-up and act as a face cleanser.

I won’t lie I was scared because it was not oil free, but the way my skin was acting, I knew I didn’t have much to lose except my money.

One pump was all I needed. It didn’t matter if I had a ton of make-up on or minimal 5-minute daily face (you know, just enough make-up to look human). This cleanser was up to the task every single night.

The first week, I experienced a few outbreaks and the smell can be a bit off putting at first, but otherwise this has cut down my nighttime routine a ton.

5 Minute Make-up

20180705_123508-01-011907797856.jpegEvery woman needs a fail proof 5 minute make-up routine whether you are a mother or not. My favourite routine consists of four items:

  1. Foundation
  2. Blush
  3. Mascara
  4. Lipstick

I actually have eyebrows so I don’t need to fill them in to go to the grocery stores. I don’t need every blemish hidden so as long as I have a decent foundation on I’m good. If I really need to add a pop of colour I use a coloured lipstick. A bold red lip can pull a look together in no time. Now if you plan on being out for more than 3 hours, I highly recommend setting your make up down with a spray. It doesn’t hurt and it’s literally two seconds to do.

I hope you enjoyed it.

How do you cut down on getting ready?


3 responses to “3 Ways to Get Ready Faster aka on Mommy Time”

  1. When you’re a Mom, you need everything quick, easy, reachable and teachable 😁😂


    1. right? all of this 30, 40, 50 minute long routine are a thing of the past lol


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