My Birthday Traditions


Ever since I gave birth to my daughter, my birthday took a back seat. Mind you growing up, my birthday was not exactly one for major celebration.

My mother did the best she could as a single mother. She made it as special as she could. There were years where the finances were so bad that all she could do was wish me a happy birthday. As much as these memories sting, there were other birthdays where she’d throw me a birthday parties. Regardless, she taught me to be grateful for the moment that I’ve been gifted.

But now that I’m an adult I’ve decided to take charge of my birthday celebration. What’s great is that this year my husband actually remembered my birthday! YAY!

So here are my birthday traditions.



I always make sure that I have a birthday. To be honest I don’t know why it’s such a big deal for me to have cake but it just is.

My favourite is the McCain Deep n Delicious marble cake. It is found in almost every single grocery store and affordable no matter what financial constraint I’m in.

I call it a win win!

Family time


This year we decided to do something indoors because of the weather. We went to A Gym Tale where my daughter could run around. Her having fun is actually entertaining on so many levels.

I love my family and being around them just makes me happy.


Prayer of Gratitude

This is something my mom used to do on every single birthday. I’m not going to lie, at the time I down played it as not being important or even necessary. Looking back I see, she was teaching me to be grateful for another spent learning, growing and being. So many people do not have that opportunity but I do.

So now I do it for myself. I give God thanks for another year where I get to grow, learn and be.

It’s amazing how perspective can truly make any day the way you want it to.

So here are some of my birthday traditions. It’s not fancy or crazy but they make every birthday that much more enjoyable. No matter the situation.


Do you have any birthday traditions? If so what are they?

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