#AmazonFinds : Homeschooling Essentials

Hi there! My name is Sandy Esprit and I homeschool my girls. I’ve been doing since 2020 and it’s been one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had to date.

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If you’ve thought about homeschooling, I highly suggest that you first look into what your jurisdiction says about homeschooling. The rules differ from state to state. But I can promise you that the benefits will far outweigh the fears you may face.

There are several benefits to homeschooling, including:

  1. Customized Education: Homeschooling allows parents to create a customized education plan that is tailored to their child’s unique needs and learning style. This means that children can learn at their own pace and explore topics of interest in greater depth.
  2. Individualized Attention: In a homeschooling setting, children receive individualized attention from their parents or tutors. This allows for more one-on-one interaction and a greater focus on the child’s individual needs.
  3. Flexible Schedule: Homeschooling offers flexibility in terms of scheduling, allowing families to create a schedule that works best for them. This can be particularly helpful for families with special circumstances, such as children with disabilities, children pursuing athletic or artistic endeavors, or families that travel frequently.
  4. Safe and Comfortable Learning Environment: Homeschooling provides a safe and comfortable learning environment, free from many of the distractions and negative influences that can be present in a traditional school setting.
  5. Enhanced Family Relationships: Homeschooling can foster strong family relationships by allowing parents and children to spend more time together and work closely on educational goals. This can also help to develop a stronger sense of family values and community.
  6. Positive Socialization: Homeschooled children have the opportunity to interact with people of all ages, including peers, adults, and seniors. This can foster positive socialization skills and help children develop empathy and understanding of others.
  7. Higher Academic Achievement: Homeschooled children often perform better academically than their traditionally schooled peers. This may be due to the individualized attention, customized curriculum, and flexibility of homeschooling.

Overall, homeschooling can be a highly effective and rewarding educational option for families who are willing to invest the time, effort, and resources needed to make it a success.

Here are some of my favourite educational YouTubers when it comes to preschoolers and preschoolers.

Prodigies Music Lessons – YouTube (music curriculum)

Monica J Sutton – YouTube (preschool circle time)

Alphablocks – YouTube (Alphabet & Phonics)

Numberblocks – YouTube (Numbers & Basic Arithmatic)

Blue’s Clues & You! – YouTube 

Super Why – WildBrain – YouTube (Reading & Phonics)

For a full list click here.

Or here.

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