Summer Skin Care Favourites

Hi there! Thank you so much for checking out my blog today. I really appreciate your support and believe me, I am really grateful you took the time out to read this blog. Some of the products displayed on this blog have been gifted to me and this post may contain affiliate. If you choose to buy from these links you won’t pay extra, you fact you may even save money. I’ll get a commission which will keep this blog going. However, all opinions expressed are completely my own.

I’ve been able to try a few skin care brands over the summer and I’ve been able to have some that worked out well for me and some that were not so great. Now of course, I will be highlighting all of the products that I really loved. The beauty of it all is that a lot of those products can be used all year long. Of course, as always, the best way to know what works best for your skin to listen to it.

shared246Sunscreen is the holy grail of all skin care. Why? Because it keeps your skin from burning. As a Black girl, finding a sun protection that kept me looking like me and not like a zombie extra from The Walking Dead, proved to be harder than I thought possible. Eventually I stumbled upon the Neutrogena Hydroboost SPF 30 and bought it on a whim. Am I glad I took that chance. This sunscreen has hyaluronic acid which is awesome for skin hydration. It feels great on the skin and it doesn’t have that white cast which would look make me look ashy.


I’ve finally started using serums because …well, why not? My skin was desperately in need of one, to be honest. I noticed that my skin was starting to look dull and unless I had on some makeup on. I was gifted this serum and had little hope for it, but this Vitamin C Radiance Serum is bringing life and joy back into my skin. It brightens my face and I’m here for all the natural glow. Honest Beauty, has done amazing with this serum. img_4826

My other favourite serum is the Vichy Mineral 89 serum is nothing short of amazing. It provides the hydration that I didn’t even know my skin needed. Y’all my skin was thirsty but ever since I’ve started implementing this serum into my skin care routine, I’ve seen major improvement on the look and appearance of my face. It’s amazing how easy it is to fix thirsty when it receives the right amount of hydration. img_4836

I suffer from chronic acne and as a woman who constantly uses acne fighting cleansers and moisturizers can be quite harsh on the skin. This is why I love BMasked Dandelion Salve. This salve is great for dry extremely dry and for the real sensitive areas of the skin without irritating it and/or causing more acne. The under-eye and the high points of my cheekbone is where I mostly feel the tingle when my skin is irritated by my cleanser and/or moisturizer. The dandelion salve immediately soothes my skin so I can just move on with my day.

Last but img_4834not least the Honest Beauty Facial Oil. I was so afraid of using a facial oil. I mean I have acne visiting me every time it gets and here I am experimenting with a facial oil. Not exactly something I would naturally go towards. But as you can see it’s on the list. This facial oil smells amazing. Two drops takes care of the whole face. But the most amazing part of this is that it doesn’t leave my face shiny and it doesn’t cause breakouts. Talk about a win-win. I love this facial oil. I think everyone should have one.


This is my list for now. I hope you enjoyed it. If you tried any of these, let me know what you think.

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