Setting My Hair With Earthtones Natural

Hi there! Thank you so much for checking out. Your support is greatly appreciated and I’m so glad you decided to read up on my latest hair care adventures. As most of you already know, if you’ve been following my blog for a while, I am not a professional hairstylist or hair scientist. I am just a regular mom to two beautiful girls, who decided to take control of my natural hair journey in order to better educate my girls and be the example of what natural hair looks like. This does not mean that I am against relaxers and chemically altered hair, I just prefer to deal with my God given curls.
 If by chance your hair is relaxed and you would like some help in caring for your tresses, I highly these two wonderful ladies, @hairlicious and @dominique.baker.
Before we get started I just want to remind you again that I am not a professional in the hair care field. All opinions expressed are strictly my own and have no professional bearing. I just like experiment with different product to ensure that my girls and I (and now you) have the tools necessary to have the hair of your dreams.

Set Your Hair?

Every time I wash my hair I can not just let it air dry, my hair must set. What I mean by that is that I go through my hair while it’s wet and I apply my leave in conditioner and styler. I then proceed to part it in sections, I detangle each part and then braid/twist my hair. This allows me to better manipulate my hair into the style that I want without damaging my hair. It also allows for the curls to pop and shine the way I want them to . 

shared102What is Earthtones Naturals?

For a complete review of this brand and the products purchased please click here

But I loved their hair milk and hair butter so much that I had to use it on my hair. The shine you see in these pictures are absolutely real! 

The milk makes it super easy to detangle your hair using your hands. If you have a favourite detangling tool than you sure will love that combo. But the hair butter is what my ends craved but never knew I needed. This butter makes my feel like butter. Every tangle is a thing of the past and detangling isn’t a worry. 

Last Words…


I highly recommend using Earthtones Natural products. They are based in Canada and as a fellow black Canadian it is important now more than ever to support our own. Also you won’t have to worry about customs, which for me is a plus. 

Their online customer service is amazing. My package had gotten lost and I contacted them. They were so great. They took care of the situation and kept me in the loop until I received my product. 

I love that they carry a variety of products that are specific to each curl need. Since no two curls are the same they should therefore be treated as such. I will say that my hair has tight curls, low porosity and my ends are extremely prone to damage ever since I’ve been battling dandruff. 

Make sure you check online in order to get the product that is right for your hair and your hair care needs. The Curl Quench line is super hydrating and moisturizing and is perfect for hair that needs a little more oomph in that department. 

Have you used Earthtones Naturals? What are your thoughts?

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