Toddler Hair Wash Day ft. Earthtones Natural

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If you follow me on Instagram (@iamsandyesprit for those of you who don’t) then you know that I recently purchased hair care products from Earthtones Natural. I’ve been seeing their ads on Facebook and had heard so much about them from Ottawa based hairstylist Paula C.(@curlyhairdesigns). I knew that I just had to try them. 

Why Earthtones Natural?


Earthtones Natural is a hair care company based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada which is a plus for me because this eliminates custom fees. Also they provide free shipping for purchases over $40. I mean, what’s not to love? I get to support a Canadian based company and I get to save money all around.

I purchased their 125g Curl Condition Hydrating Conditioner, 250g Curl Quench Coconut Moisture Milk and 125g Curl Quench Hair Butter. I knew that the perfect candidate for these products would be my three year old toddler. She hates sitting still, so a hydrating, moisturizing, conditioning products that provide good slip is what this mama needs to get us both through a hair wash day. Would they be up to the challenge? We both would soon find out.

Application Time!!!

After shampooing my daughter’s hair with SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil shampoo, I used the Curl Condition Hydrating Conditioner. I ordered the 125g jar, so I knew I didn’t want to use a lot of it. Well, this little jar packs the most slip. The texture of the conditioner is that of a gel-cream, which makes it easy to rub on the palms of your hand and work into the hair. I was able to finger detangle my daughter’s hair with ease within a minute or two of working the product in her hair. It was too easy. My daughter’s hair has a variety of different curl patterns, some parts of her hair are drier and coarser than others, therefore her hair can be a bit difficult to tend to. However, it was not the case with this conditioner. It also smells like a tropical getaway. The smell is so enticing, to me it’s like a pina colada on your hair.


Once I rinsed out the conditioner, I towel dried her hair to get rid of the excess water. I parted her hair into some medium sized squares and got ready to set her hair for the week. With each square I used half a pump of the Curl Quench Coconut Milk first. The coconut milk feels more like a thicker lotion. It’s not lightweight so it’s best to start off light and apply more as needed. It doesn’t flake and just disappears into the hair.  I worked it throughout each strand with my fingers. Then I used a pea sized (literally a pea) of the Curl Quench Hair Butter and I worked it in starting at the bottom, where her hair tends to be drier. The butter is exactly what you would expect a hair butter to feel like. It is heavy cream and you definitely want to start off light. It provides a nice sheen and it doesn’t weight down the hair. Did I mention it smells amazing?


Lo and behold, after I worked the product into her hair I was able to easily detangle her hair using my favourite detangling brush with so much. It literally took about 30 minutes to get her hair done. Normally it would take longer. She didn’t squirm as much due to pain. I was in and out and done. She was pleased.

Her hair smells so good. All of the products are a treat to the senses. I definitely recommend this any naturalista looking for products that is curated to provide shine, hydration, slip and easy usage. You don’t need a lot of product to get results.

Final Verdict

shared58Well this smile speaks for the both of us. We absolutely love it. Easy to use and easy to apply

Let me know if you tried it. How did you like it?

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