Worship Night with Travis Greene


Hey there! Thanks for checking out my blog. I hope you like it.

I am a Christian and have no issues with sharing my faith to anyone, anywhere, online and offline. So here I am sharing one of my recent experiences.

If you’ve been following me, most of you know that I am pregnant and am currently in my third trimester. As much as I love being at home and being a stay at home mom to my precious two year old sometimes this mama needs time away. Sure enough this past Saturday I was able to spend some time in God’s presence with Travis Greene leading us there.

I thoroughly enjoyed this. One of the songs that truly got me one of the darkest moments in my life is “Made A Way” which he wrote as he was going through one of his darkest moments. But this is not to take away from his other songs that are just as powerful like “Intentional” and “You Waited” which were flawlessly ministered. Also, his entire band is amazing and equally as enjoyable to watch and to listen to. His whole team is a powerful force of worshippers. They are dedicated to their ministry and it shows.

During the meet and greet I was able to ask Travis Greene this question, “How do you keep from burning out in the ministry?” and this was his response.

Overall, this was a night I really needed and was really blessed. I hope to be able to attend more gospel events in the future.

Here are some highlights from that night.

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Do you take time for yourself? How do you recharge?

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