Fall Protective Hairstyle for Toddlers

20190904_133351_00001134605203.pngHey there! Thank you so much for checking my blog. I’m really hoping you get inspired from this post and most importantly that you feel empowered to take care of you little one’s hair.

I’m sure by now your social media has been bombarded with many First Day of School hairdo’s and hair fails. I’m not going to lie. I have seen a few and they have me laugh.

Although my eldest is still too young to attend school there are a few functions that take place in the fall. For example, the weather changes from hot to cold. The winds are getting chillier and more clothes are required than the simple t-shirt and short combo. But in my household, baby number 2 is coming soon. This means that things are changing, and changing fast. However, I don’t want to forsake my daughter’s hair care regimen because of the new baby.

So I made a list of what the perfect hair care regimen would be for me and my girl. For starters, I need her hair to be moisturized  and hydrated with the least amount of products. I know from experience that her hair loves braids and twists. However, whenever her strands ares exposed her hair gets dry. I also know that because she is still growing, her hair texture is constantly changing. I have noticed that the hair closer to her scalp tends to be tighter in curls and looser near the ends. I’ve also made sure to cut off the dry ends to avoid damages going up the hair shaft.

So this season is all about flat braids with a twist at the end. This hairstyle is perfect for us. Given she’s given the right amount of distractions as listed in my previous blog, Tips for Doing Toddler’s Hair.


Most of the time, I can get this hairstyle done in 30 minutes to 45 minutes. It will typically last 1 to 2 weeks. It’s great for me because once it’s done, it’s done. It’s great for her because she hates getting her hair done.

Once her hair is washed, conditioned and towel-dried I use the Texture ID Intense Moisturizing Leave-In Conditioner followed by the Texture ID Styling Cream.

I will have a detailed review coming soon. So stay tuned.

This season will have lots of changes in our family. One thing I can keep the same is my ability to be a positive role model for my daughter when it comes to her hair care.

How do you do it?










2 responses to “Fall Protective Hairstyle for Toddlers”

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