Pregnancy: What I Went Through

20190730_142135_0000303536259.pngHey! So glad you’re reading. I really hope you enjoy this blog post.

When you think of a pregnant woman, most people think of a growing belly bump. Some may think of these gorgeous women doing elaborate maternity. Some may see a glowing mother to be. But few really understand what goes on with pregnancy. So I decided to compile a list of things I went through. If you are pregnant I hope this provides some clarity for you.

20190112_125924-012036092055.jpegFirst Trimester

Congratulations! There’s a baby in your belly. Unfortunately, like most women in this stage you feel like CRAP! You feel bloated, backed up and nauseous. Of course that’s just to name a few.

Some women don’t have any of these symptoms. Unfortunately that wasn’t my case. I mean the boobs came in and my stomach stayed flat. Most people didn’t even know I was pregnant. I looked great! However, I could not for the life of me feel the way I looked. But at least I didn’t have to spend any more money on pads and tampons.

Second Trimester20190607_103349-011747641518.jpeg

This is where it gets better. At this stage, the belly is growing and I began to let people know so that they didn’t start assuming. Here the bloating goes away, my energy is back but the cravings started to come.

At this point I noticed that the baby has taken over my appetite. I mean things I used to like I realized was no longer on my dietary menu. For example, with my first pregnancy I could not for the life of my enjoy any junk food of any kind. I am an avid junk food addict and with my first pregnancy I would take a salad over cookies any day. Now I can’t enjoy chicken. Chicken?! Like why? But yea. The baby takes over and says, “We are not eating that.” and my brain just agrees. So that’s the new reality.

Third Trimester20190714_142929-0182536186.jpeg

So now we are here. I am tired and I mean tired. I can’t sleep through the night like I used to. I’ve got a human being creating chaos in my body and constantly adjusting to motherhood and pregnancy simultaneously. My brain feels foggy but mostly due to fatigue. My body constantly reminds me to slow down. Maybe vacuuming the whole three floors of my house at once is not a good idea. I always want to take a nap. In short, I am tired.

My body is constantly stretching physically in preparation for the labour and delivery of my baby. It is extremely uncomfortable and sometimes my thighs and lower back are sore just because of this. I get out of breath very easily. Sometimes the baby will move in a way that causes me extreme discomfort. It’s not always fun. But life goes on.

The beauty with pregnancy is that no matter how annoying this whole process is, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. When I was pregnant with my first, I was concerned with her well being but we’ve thrived so much. I love every moment of her life, even when I don’t enjoy it.

So whoever you are, wherever you are, stay strong. You got this mama! What’s your pregnancy journey like?

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