My Favourite Toddler TV Shows

I’m probably one of the few moms who will admit to watching some of my toddler’s television shows, but I do. I know I wouldn’t be one of those moms to limit the “screen” time but to be honest when the laundry needs to get done and I can’t wait for naptime, a good tv show helps. Also, when should I be inconvenienced for some peace and quiet? I believe we should all be entertained…even if I’m not the target audience.

The Backyardigansdownload

This was the very first show I introduced to my daughter that didn’t make me cringe. I loved how diverse the names of the characters. I loved the concept of using three known animals and a very unique creature with the name of Uniqua. I also very much enjoyed how strong the female characters were in comparison to the male characters.

If you haven’t seen it, let me give you the gist. It’s a show about four friends who share a backyard. They meet up almost everyday and create an adventure purely based on their imagination. It does tend to have a musical feel to it, since they do sing. But they songs aren’t too bad and the dancing is cute too. It’s only three seasons long but every episode is themed along with the music. It’s truly a staple in our household.

Super Why


Super Why is one of those shows that has the benefit of entertainment and education all enrolled in one. My daughter is almost 2 and knows her alphabets by heart. She loves how interactive the show, she genuinely feels like she’s a part of the team.

I love how it encourages reading and it’s never too early to create an engaging dialogue regarding letters and words. This shows involves a boy, a girl, a princess and a pig who go around solving their problems using the alphabet, spelling and reading. It’s pretty impressive how quickly the kids get involved.

Peppa Pig


I love Peppa Pig. This show hails from across the pond. It is a British tv show that revolves around Peppa and her family and friends. She is a kind, friendly and very cool kid. But what I love about the show is the way it’s written. The dialogue between her and friends are very down to earth and appropriate for anyone. Some of the scenes have made my husband and I laugh. I genuinely enjoy it.

I think it’s the only show that we don’t mind having on a loop.

So here are my favourites, I just pray that as she gets older we continue to enjoy the same kind of shoes.

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