Postpartum Pregnancy: What I Wish I Knew


What I Wish I Knew About Life After Pregnancy….

First off, I want to say welcome to MOTHERHOOD! We are an exclusive group of ordinary woman gifted and entrusted to love, take care of and raise a brand new human being. This fun job comes with superpowers where strength undiscovered is suddenly utilized and where your love knows no bounds for your precious bundle of joy. Unfortunately, as amazing as motherhood is, there is a transition period that I personally was unaware of until after I had my baby girl. I thought I would share it with you.


What first caught me by surprise was lochia. What is lochia? I call it 9 months worth of menstruation that suddenly flows out of you for about 2 months. At least that’s what it felt like to me.

I couldn’t use a tampon because…well there’s something about pushing a human out of your vagina. You just don’t want anything up there for awhile.

My favourite pads were anything that could take heavy flow. I mean HEAVY!

It looks scary but it’s not.

However, if you ever feel unwell or something seems off, don’t hesitate to get checked out. Hemorrhaging can occur after birth.


Then there’s the inexplicable fear of pooping. I know it sounds absurd but again something about pushing a kid out that makes pushing anything out of your body so undesirable.

The good news is you can’t push your organs out of your body. That was my fear (don’t judge). You will be fine. All you gotta do is take some stool softeners until your first poop.

Breathe and push. It’ll be over before you know it and you will be back to your regular pooping self…

Until the next kid.


Ok, “Snapback” is a lie straight from hell. It’s an illusion created by the Illuminati, just kidding. (Or am I?)

In all honesty, I expected to go from the top pic where I’m 198 lbs to my pre-baby weight, which is the bottom pic, like Beyonce did. Ha! What a joke that turned out to be.

So for a year people thought I was pregnant after I had the baby…despite my workout regimen and my morning smoothies. None of it worked.

All I’m saying is be kind to your body. It’s transitioning as well. You didn’t gain all that weight overnight, so don’t expect to lose it overnight. Take your vitamins, drink your water and be patient with yourself. Your body has done an amazing work, so be kind to yourself.


Sleep is the only thing I wish had some sort of preparation tactic for…alas there isn’t.

Unless the good Lord above has mercy on you, you might get a baby that sleeps through the night right off the bat. It does happen.

Unfortunately for most that is not the case. Mine didn’t start sleeping through the night until she was 1 year old. Some sleep through the night earlier and some later.

Whatever happens, know that you are equipped to handle this. Yes you will be exhausted and yes, your limits will be pushed but you got this Mama. God created you for this purpose and you’re the best mother this little baby has.

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Last but not least, the joys of motherhood is largely understated. There is something about getting to know someone who could care less what you look like, doesn’t care about your past or your shortcomings they just want to love you and let you love them.

In turn, they get to know you. The real you. The fun, quirky, weird, loud, funny, goofy, most loving part of yourself you have to offer. Believe me, they love every part of you to pieces. So embrace the love they have for you.

You will learn more about yourself and your purpose once you hold them in your arms, wipe their tears away and make them smile. That warm and fuzzy feeling may not hit at you first (it didn’t for me) but you learn and adapt and become the supermom you were destined to be.

I hope this helped. If it did, let me know in the comments.

5 responses to “Postpartum Pregnancy: What I Wish I Knew”

  1. This is crucial! I know that most young women who become pregnant aren’t adequately prepared for the birth experience let alone full blow motherhood. Being educated about the process is so important to our success! Thanks for having the courage to talk about it all.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I completely agree.


  2. Such a great read! All of these are things I wish I knew going into it as well!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks! honestly if anyone had told me I’d be afraid of pooping I wouldn’t have believed them lol


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