Postponing Potty Training


At 19 month old, my darling daughter has continually told me when it was time to transition on to the next phase of life. Though her vocabulary is limited (as any other toddler) we have transitioned without trauma or tears to ruin the experience.

When she started eating solid food, she needed less breastmilk. As  we included more  liquids and solids into her diet, she asked for less breastmilk. When she started sleeping in her crib, and started sleeping through the night, we just stopped breast feeding altogether. It was simple.

When she realized she could use her words to get what she wanted, she started using them more. It made communication that much more better for us.

So of course, when I started hearing about 18 month olds being potty trained, I thought why not? My daughter is just another genius toddler, she could definitely master this in one day.

I realized very quickly, neither of us were ready.

I had done my research. Read all the blogs. I even found a song on YouTube that made potty sound like a party. I asked for help on Instagram and bought a miniature toilet that made the flushing noise. She was sitting on the potty. I thought she loved it. She knew that’s where “pee pee” belonged, but…I miscalculated one thing.

She didn’t know when she needed to go!

My baby girl wasn’t ready. To be honest, I knew in my heart she wasn’t ready. I just wanted to be the “cool” mom who had successfully potty trained her daughter. But the truth is, we’re not ready. And that’s ok. It doesn’t make me a bad mom. I have to trust my mother’s intuition. It’s never been wrong, so why push something she just isn’t ready for. I’d rather wait for her, give her time to be ready and comfortable with it.

Keep the transition as smooth as possible. That’s the least stressful for all of us, wouldn’t you agree?

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