Everyday is a Chance

YOU have an obligation to yourself to make each day better than the last. Sometimes it includes loving harder than before, speaking up when you’re told be quiet and putting yourself first when life pulls away at you.

As mothers we become so preoccupied with being the unseen superhero that we forget how to function outside of motherhood. We are indeed heroines but it should not come at the price of our health (mental or physical).

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Let your loved ones take care of you because they care.

Let them love you. Most of them are very good at it. Some…well just need guidance and patience (…and a whole lot of Jesus!)

Be good to them and let them be good to you.

Everyday is a chance.

2 responses to “Everyday is a Chance”

  1. I so needed someone to relate to to me in this area today. Today is a hide-in-my-kitchen-and-eat-cake-by-myself type of day, made more depressing only by the fact that this is supposed to be a day of rest, which will definitely not happen in my near future. “Momming” is so hard sometimes and I feel like I’m stuck in a slump lately where my kids just defy my every instruction, flip out over the smallest things, and demand every bit of patience I have until I’m empty. I have no family nearby to help out by giving us a break now and then, so my gas tank has been empty for a while. But amazingly enough it’s usually these lower moments that God shows up and displays his grandest displays of love and kindness to me. And even though the kids drain me, they always do something sweet to make all the struggles worth it. Still… I’m extra grateful for the chocolate cake I had in my fridge this morning. Lol!
    Keep writing girl. ❤


    1. I completely understand! 🤗


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