Humble Pie

There are occasions(many) in our adult life where we do things that offend others. Most of the time, we do it unintentionally. We do it without realizing the consequences and most ignorant of the reactions of our peers. But it happens, more often, to the ones we love the most.

All of our actions affect our family members starting with the closest ones. They are the ones whose opinions have shaped and molded the human being we are today. I am no different. I hurt people unintentionally. I speak too much and sometimes (ok, most times) without any thought to the people around me. The intention is never to hurt, but it can and sometimes it does.

Words matter.

They can heal or wound. Build or destroy. Cover or expose.

I put my foot in my mouth more times than I would like. I make mistakes. It doesn’t make me a bad person, I’m makes me human. A human who made another mistake. It’s not an excuse it’s just a fact. Another fact is I’ve got a lot of things to work through. A lot of issues that need to be explored, discovered and repaired for my well being, my sanity and my health.

I thank God for those around me who love me enough to keep me on my toes. They allow me to see my errors, judge these errors without judging me. They keep me accountable so that I can be the best version of myself, impacting others to do the same. My mistakes do not represent me as a human being. It just shows you that I make mistakes.

My mistakes don’t define me.

I am not my mistakes.

I am not perfect. I will continue to hurt and offend others unintentionally. That sucks. It’s humbling. It’s a reminder that I will continue to always need God’s help to get through this life.

So as I continue to eat this humble pie, I choose to learn the lesson. I accept full the responsibility of my action and I’m moving forward. A better, wiser and humbler person.


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