Greatest Gift

I went to church today with a reminder that I need to remember what God has done for me. In other words I need to testify. So if you’re ready for a story, sit tight…


I had a conversation with God. He allowed to understand certain things. He gave me a chance to open a door to a relationship where love would be defined the way it was meant to. He allowed me to see that not all men were hypocritical jerk lacking a moral guiding compass. Some were just as wonderful as the characters in our favourite Hollywood scripted movies. Some were beautiful souls waiting to share the love they possessed in hopes of making a difference in a young, broken but impressionable mind.

One man did that. I thank God for that man. He became my spiritual father. Counselled me. Listened me. Validated me and affirmed me in ways I knew I needed it but didn’t think I was worthy of. This man allowed me to love my husband today.


God allowed love to triumph over my biggest fears. God used the greatest weapon of all, love. God opened my heart to feel his love, so I could share His love. If I am to testify of His goodness, I would say, I don’t have the time for it all, but I can summarize it all to say

…His mercy endureth forever…” Psalms 118:1

We don’t deserve His love but He gives it relentlessly. He didn’t have to show me His love, but He did. Now I have it and I share it.

Everyone in this world deserves a chance. Not one can rightfully condemn another and the greatest error we do is to judge one for another’s mistake. We are in no way shape or form able to do that. But to love, that is always within our right to do.

It is always the right thing to do.

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