How I Winterize My Hair

Winter is coming folks! In a world full of curl-friendly, frizz proof, “natural” based hair products it can be intimidating at first when trying to pick the right product for your hair. Personally, my biggest issue has always been with product usage. Am I using it correctly? Did I use enough of it? Did I put too much? Is it supposed to make my hair feel like a greasy brillo pad? (that’s never a good sign…)


We have come a long way since the days of petroleum/mineral oil based hair grease. All they did was coat the hair which kept moisture (that my hair desperately needed), blocked my scalp (scalps don’t need to breathe, I guess…) and despite it all my hair was still dry. Year long, dryness. It was worst during the winter…

Believe me, I don’t miss those days.

Back then we didn’t know that these so-called hair food treatment did more damage than good to our natural and chemically altered hair tresses. Instead of actually providing it with any sort of nutrition we were left with shiny, heavy, greasy but dry hair. I don’t remember these things providing me with better hair manageability, just a frustrated parent who thought her kid didn’t have “good” hair.

Years later, after much research (as if the experience wasn’t enough) I now know that my hair just needs the right products, especially during the winter. That’s what I use to winterize my hair.

The goal is to keep my curls healthy all winter long

How do I accomplish such a feat?

Well first let me explain what I mean by winterizing. (I don’t know if it’s a real word, but it’s a real word to me) Winter tends to bring cold, dry air that lacks in moisture (which my hair absolutely loves). When Fall rolls around, I start making changes to my hair care routine to deal with the changes in the atmosphere. Some of which you may already be doing yourself, but just in case you needed some inspiration this is what I do.

Since I’m working on a budget, I tend to keep the same products. I just change up how I use them. I’m a firm believer in saving money and avoiding unnecessary spending.

Up The Deep Conditioning

My all-time favourite deep conditioner is available at Sally’s Beauty Supply store, which is where I get it.

If you’ve got a deep conditioner that you absolutely love using, you shouldn’t trade it for another or ditch it and buy another. Just use it more often.

I personally deep condition once a month in the warmer season, however once the cold air sets in I need to replenish that moisture my hair desperately needs.

Co-Wash More

Available online at Wal-Mart only. Buy it and thank me later.

I love to wash my hair. There’s something about a clean scalp that just makes me feel like good. Unfortunately, washing your hair strips it of the natural oils that keep your moisturized. So one way to alleviate the unnecessary stripping of that good hair stuff is to co-wash.

Moisture Based Shampoo & Conditioner

Since its arrival to the Canadian market, I can conveniently head over to my nearest Walmart and get it…and save $2

This is my holy grail of winter hair care. The more moisturizing the better. The more hydrating the better. I don’t cleanse my hair as much but when I do that’s what I go for.

Air Dry Indoors

I’m a firm believer of no-heat hair care. This means that washing my hair first thing in the morning when you have a ton of running around is not smart. I mean, you might catch a serious cold running around with wet hair. So I just air dry my hair indoors. Mostly at night, when I can just chill at home, without stress and let my hair dry on its time.

Low Manipulation


Wigs, extension, braids, twists…whatever way I can get my hair hidden away from the elements, I do it. Sometimes just leaving my hair alone, is the best way to retain my hair length. Also, it’s convenient to not worry about styling my hair.

Drink Water

It’s one thing to put it on you but it’s better if you have it in you. Water is great for hair growth, as it’s necessary for hair growth. It allows for healthy hair growth and healthy hair. So get that good quality H20 in you.

I hope this helped. I know it’s all pretty basic. But these general guidelines are for the whole family no matter your curl type.

Let me know how you winterize your hair.

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