#cantstopwontstop Woman

20180827_111904-021109865556.jpeg In honour of International Day of the Girl Child (which was October 11, 2018), I decided to write this post. I remember when we took her (my daughter) out of the hospital, so full so hope and fear. I know how prejudicial this world can be. So many ideologies, whether cultural or societal, concerning what a girl should be, how she should act or what she should say or do. I remember growing up being told of what I could or could not do and the reason was always “it’s not for girls, it’s for boys”. I was told many times that digging for worms, climbing a tree or play-fighting was a “boy” sport. In fact, my mother refused to buy us a video gaming system because it was for boys and not girls. I knew I didn’t want to place limits on my daughter based on her gender, in fact I need her to grow up and show her what’s it like to be a #cantstopwontstop woman.


So what does it mean to be a #cantstopwontstop woman? Well if you look to social media you’ll find that woman to be very well put together. Well dressed, flawless skin, so poised and graceful. I mean she is perfect. She is at her very best always.

Truth of the matter is that woman doesn’t exist 24/7. It’s impossible. I mean if you honestly believe that I look like that regularly then I’m sorry to inform you that it’s not the case. I don’t always have my edges sleeked down, I don’t have proper posture and my post pregnancy belly has more stretch marks (which I like to call “tiger stripes”) then I probably should.

But I’m not afraid nor ashamed of my flaws or the less than perfect version of myself. I mean it’s not like my life is or ever was perfect and I came out ok…ish!

About two weeks ago I spoke to Ebonie of Simplicity Healthstyle and we discussed about overcoming adversity. Anyone who overcomes obstacles is the absolute definition of a #cantstopwontstop woman. Check out my story below!


But in case you’d rather keep reading, or do both, here’s what I think makes a #cantstopwontstop woman.

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The #cantstopwontstop woman is everything and anything she wants to be. Don’t let anything or anyone stop you. You are far more powerful than you give yourself credit for. We need more #cantstopwontstop women to inspire our girl children!

I would love to hear from you, what makes a #cantstopwontstop woman?



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