Budget Friendly Fashion For Your Mini Fashionista

At my 2 year old birthday party, full of awesome sauce!

My family would tell you that I’m the last person who should be handing out fashion advice…and in all honesty they are absolutely correct. My mother coming from a long line of fashion-savvy seamstresses was the absolute fashionista. Check me out, as a toddler in my graphic sweater and matching joggers. Who else could think their daughter could pull this look off with “toddler heels” and the “tu-tu” socks? My mother knew what she was doing.


So now here I am, using all of my mother’s fashion intuition to make sure that my daughter steps into the park, full of that genetic awesome sauce…without breaking the bank.

20180830_180855-01844640538.jpegWhen it comes to Mae, my mini fashionista, she’s all about functionality. She’s a mover and shaker. So you know those jeggings? Yup. She’s got tons of them. Most of them come as part of a set but as you can see here, they allow her to run (which she loves to do), jump, climb without the restrictions that a typical denim fabric would provide.

She is not afraid to make her mark and make a friend. She doesn’t care about your look or your age. As long as you are a human being, in her eyes you are a potential friend.

Now we all know that children grow out of their clothes faster than you can make the clothes. We knew this and so did our family, thank goodness.
Most of the clothes (if not all) of Mae’s clothes were gifted to us. In fact we only buy her shoes and winter jackets.  20180919_112909-011140912079.jpeg

That’s been the easiest way for us to save money. Honestly, I don’t even walk into a children’s clothing store anymore. There’s absolutely nothing with accepting second hand clothes. Some of us, parents, feel like we are doing our children a disservice by not buying their clothes brand new. In all actuality, we are doing them a disservice by doing so.

Besides who cares where the clothes come from, as long as you and your little on are happy, flaunt your mini fashionista.

20180921_134056-01614325507.jpegNow most of her clothes get destroyed at the park. She runs, jumps, falls, cleans up (yea and I don’t get it either…)all at the park. This is her daily getaway from life’s toils. I mean how else does a one year old decompress after a hard day of tearing a room apart, watching The Wiggles, and learning to watch where we are going non-stop? Let’s not forget, fighting naptime (and losing everytime…). 

I know not to invest too much into her play clothes. I need them breathable, functional but I still want her to look cute…(maybe it’s for the gram, maybe its for me….don’t judge). 

So I personally invest in a good laundry detergent that’ll keep her clothes looking fresh for as long as she’ll fit into them. I also accept free clothes whenever I can get them.

But most importantly, I just let her be herself. Clothes mean absolutely nothing if she’s not happy. I know for a fact that if she could, she’d waltz around naked…unfortunately we have laws preventing that….

Talk to you guys soon

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