LaCoupe Fresh Avocado Frizz Control Review

20180719_120652I recently had the opportunity of reviewing LaCoupe Fresh Avocado Frizz Control shampoo and conditioner. Though I was provided with these products, the reviews that I am about to give are completely my own.

In case you didn’t know, what initially fueled me into blogging was the lack of information available for women like me. I’m a mother, who works to pay the bills and is working towards her dream. So money is tight, my time is tight and so is my sleep.

I have a husbands who seems to depend on me as much as my 1 year old does. It’s not his fault, I do a pretty good job at maintaining the house in order if I do say so myself. So when it comes to self-care, specifically hair care, I need to be able to get what I need from the products I use as quickly and effectively as possible without spending the whole day on my hair. Not just for me but so that I can pass that information on to my daughter so she doesn’t grow up resenting her hair because “it’s so much work”, when it doesn’t have to be.

So let’s get into it.

This is part of  LaCoupe’s Naturals collections, it is created for curly-haired folks like myself who do not want any silicone, paraben, or sulfate in their products. It is also cruelty-free and colour safe. It contains aloe juice and coconut water. Also avocado seed extract, sweet almond oil and hibiscus extract for the frizz control. Doesn’t this sound impressive?

I really, really, wanted to love it. I used it twice (on two different occasions), read the instructions and followed them to the letter. Unfortunately, it did not move me. If I was still relaxing my hair this duo would have been perfect for me. But alas, I need more, more moisture.

Let’s start with the shampoo.

It lathers beautifully and smells great. It’s a gentle hair cleanser that won’t strip your hair bare which is great. It also rinses off very easily. Unfortunately, there was something left behind on my hair that I didn’t really like. I can’t really put my finger on it. It didn’t really feel like it got rid of the dirt or grime off of my hair.

Now with the conditioner.

I felt this conditioner was a little too light for my liking. I like my conditioner like I like my husband, with some thickness! Not too much because it needs to move, but enough so I can feel it on me. You know what I mean?

I needed six pumps (two usually does it for me), to get some kind of slip. That’s not budget-friendly, even if it’s available at Wal-Mart. It took a while to get the product to really penetrate my hair strands. That’s not time friendly.  Half of my shower time was spent on this hair conditioner and I didn’t even use a comb. I just finger detangled. It was not a pleasant experience. Once I was done with the conditioner, turns out it rinsed out quite nicely. There was no residue left from the conditioner.

For a naturalista like myself, who is trying to show my daughter the efficacy of curly hair care, this was fail. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone with type 4.

However if your hair is relaxed and/or your hair isn’t super thirsty for moisture, then this is probably the hair duo you need.

Have you tried it? Let me know.

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