5 Reasons Why You’re A Supermom

You’ve got

  • the baby at your hip (somehow you’d think the umbilical cord was still attached)
  • the food on the stove (gotta remember to eat, gotta remember to eat, gotta remember to eat…)
  • laundry is piling up (pyjamas are not a suitable outfit for everyday life)
  • hubby has a “headache” again (insert eye roll here)
  • coffee has gone cold (iced coffee…I guess)
  • the house is a mess (the floor is not a shelf, right?)

I mean what else could be added to the list?

Sometimes what we need as moms is a little support. It’s not that we can’t handle the task at hand. In fact, we got a routine that works for us. We’re great multi tasker. Sometimes too great.

We tend to be overlooked, overwhelmed and we feel under appreciated. If that’s you…or a friend, let me remind you by listing 5 reasons why you are a SUPERMOM!

If you read last week’s blog I gave myself a whole lot of flowers. This week I’m giving them to you.

  1. Selfless – You are selfless. You do it all, over and over again. Day in and day out. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days, all year, every year. All of this because you love the ones you care about. There are days I’m sure you want to sleep in but you get up, make that cup of coffee and get going. You’ve made sacrifices (sleep counts as a sacrifice) and adapted into an environment where you and those you love can grow and thrive. You are selfless.
  2. While it’s a good quality to have, please remember to take time for yourself. It’s not selfish, it’s survival.

  3. Adaptable – No matter what life throws at you (trips to the doctor, sleepless nights, forgetting to eat…) you adapt. In fact, those around you are able to make it through the day because of you. That’s why the husband can safely lose his keys and know that you will be able to locate it in seconds (mind you if he’d just put it down somewhere safe…but I digress). Life comes at you fast but you got this. You are strong enough, smart enough and mama you do it so well that everyone sees you as a SUPERMOM.
  4. Yea, apparently husband’s never learn and will forever ask you to locate their keys until death do you part…good thing you’ve adapted

  5. Mama’s Insticts – You’ve got instincts borne out of love and refined by experience. That’s why you’re the unlicensed head surgeon, head nurse, doctor, referee, judge, jury, lawyer, minister etc of the house. Also you’re a detective but you already knew that. Your instincts keep you and your family safe. I can’t explain it. You can’t explain it but you know you’re right, and guess what? You’re right! Trust your instincts, it’s part of what makes you a SUPERMOM.
  6. As much as no one likes a-know-it-all, this is the one time where everyone in the family wants that quality. So revel in it. Just don’t say I told you so even though you said so…multiple times.

  7. Cool under Pressure – You’re able to keep your cool when that person took up two parking spaces, you got cut off on the road or the good food you were dreaming about eating got devoured by the one who vowed to love you forever (nothing warrants a fight faster than eating my favourite food) but because of your child you stay cool under pressure. You establish an example of grace and poise all to teach your young one a valuable lesson.
  8. You know being a good parent is more than just birthing a child. You understand the power you have and are willing to make the best of it. Way to go!

  9. Keeping it real – You can laugh it off when you need to and keep life interesting and fun for those you love. You also aren’t afraid of being yourself and that is the best version of yourself you can be. In order for the ones you love to really thrive they need to know that you are authentically in love with who they are. The love you have for them will be reciprocated because they love you for you. Flaws and all. SUPERMOM!
  10. You are the foundation on which they build and the best part is you are perfect for that job because you are you. Don’t try and reach for perfection. YOU ARE PERFECT!

I hope you feel empowered reading this. I also hope you understand how awesome and amazing you are.

You were chosen for this and you’re doing great…even when it doesn’t feel like it.

Not one mom is perfect but we all strive to be.

If this helped you, let me know what you think and list anything I may have missed.

Comment, share it with someone you know and follow me so you don’t miss out.

Stay blessed, SUPERMOM!

2 responses to “5 Reasons Why You’re A Supermom”

  1. Chantelle Point Avatar
    Chantelle Point

    Lol! I love your blogs. And your writing. Don’t stop. *insert supermom high five here*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lol thank you so much.


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