The Top Secrets From My Baby Girl

My beautiful and intelligent daughter is by design the most resilient masterpiece I have ever laud eyes. Now I know that I am not the first mother to have witness the miracle of their young walk, BUT the sheer joy I got from watching this angel take her first steps with such determination. It was so humbling I forgot that I was complaining about the dirty dishes left on thetable kitchen table. It was inspirational. It was momentous. It was humbling. My baby girl had taught me the greatest lesson and ultimately the master key to my success.

Falling is inevitable. Falling hurts. Falling is unexpected. Falling is unplanned. Falling is ANNOYING. Falling in short sucks. However, falling will occur.

She’s also taught me that if and when you do fall, you don’t have to fall the same way. The next time, fall in a different way. It won’t be as hurtful.
But don’t let falling keep you from your goal. Falling is going to happen, but it’s not enough to keep you down. Get up and try again.

My baby girl is so tough some of the falls I’ve witnessed her take has sometimes caused me to feel bad. Sometimes she would fall and I would be so scared for her. She’d a shrill cry of pain and then as i await the second wind of her expressed terror…she would look at me smile and get up again.
She’s not crying anymore. She’s not hurt anymore. She wants to do it again?!?!
Clearly she’s made up of tougher material than I am. As I am collecting my thoughts and getting to crucify myself for letting try something different, something new, something that resulted her to fall, she’s moved on and tried it again. No sniffles, no complaints just gangsta-like. She’s a warrior. There must be some Amazon blood in the family.

I’ll never the day she took her first steps. Time stood still. My breathing slowed and eyes grew wide with anticipation. Knowing that at any moment life as we knew it would never be the same. With absolute resolution, she expressed solid determination she struggled and to maintain her balance on one foot. Sensing she had found formula to emit balance and strength, like a true master she picked up one foot and then dropped it. She repeated the same motion with each foot. All of this as I exclaimed joy. She realizing the goal line had been crossed, replied the same exclamation of joy.
Then she lost her balance, fell and continued to crawl.
It didn’t matter. She could walk now. She and I both knew it.
She was intent. The goal was to walk. She had made up her mind before she could do it, she would it. My princess had graduated from trainee to master.
Look out world, here she comes. My pride and joy. The essence of my heartbeat had beaten the odds.

She had gotten stronger and won. Nothing could ever stand in her way.

So why am I still giving up? Why is she able to walk? Why was she so willing to walk when she had me? I love my princess. I would do anything and everything for her if I had to.
She wanted this for herself.

In doing so, I was reminded that I gave her that strength. I still have that strength. It’s in me. i just need to do what she did and I literally can overcome any obstacle. So can you. We all can.

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