How to be the “perfect” wife

Proverbs 31 being the standard, 
makes it seem very hard to be the perfect wife. When I  got married I thought that I could be this proverbs 31 wife. Two years in, I’m still trying to achieve that goal. It seems like the more I remain married the harder it seems to achieve that goal. I’m not sure what it is but the goal line just seems to get further away. 

 As I was listening to Pastor Smokie Norful sermon “Roles of A Wife | Rules of Engagement”, I knew there were key characteristics I was forgetting to implement in  my quest to be that perfect wife. 
What I think he wants

• An on call chef

• business mogul

• a supermodel

• A maid

• A nurse

• A psychologist 

• A fitness model

• Be always happy

• never finding faults

• happily fixing issues that arise

• readily taking huge leaps of faith
What I want to do is be the picture of a perfect wife but the truth is most of the time I’m busy being my version of a perfect wife, not what my husband needs but what I think he needs. What he wants 

• A woman of faith

• prayer warrior

• his caretaker

• BACK him up

• respect him


Let’s be honest his perfect wife and my perfect wife are two very different people. In fact, if I was smart I would just focus on being his perfect wife. What he wants aligns with the word of God, so why not be just that? 

I know why I don’t do it. I  don’t do it because I don’t see how giving him what he wants takes care of our bills, my needs or our dreams. What I do see is, my version of being that perfect wife isn’t making things better either. In fact, it’s making it worse. So I might as well be his perfect wife. My version sucks and nobody wants her. I don’t even know why she’s in the picture. She’s terrible and doesn’t exist. I don’t even like her, I don’t know why I want to be her.

I’ll go back to being me. I am his perfect wife, that’s why he married me. 

Have you struggled being “perfect”? How did that go?

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