Bye Bye 2017

It’s the end of the year and I can say that as messed up and frustrating as it was, it was my best year. In fact, my blessed year. Here are some of the highlights. 

I started the year very pregnant and unsure of how I would cope being on maternity leave for a year. I knew I wanted to spend time at home with my daughter but scared that I wouldn’t be good enough or tough enough to last the whole year. Nonetheless, I was hopeful.

 Once she came something changed. I knew we would be just fine. She was a tough little chica and she was just what I needed to get a real grip on the reality I was living.

 This is my family. We’re not perfect but we’re awesome. We love to have a good time and spend time with each other. This year for me has been about solidifying the foundation of our family.

As the year ends, I look towards 2018 with hope. I know what’s important to me and nothing is going to change. My family comes first. My goals have changed considerably since becoming a wife and mother and I am excited for the future. 

Make sure you celebrate the good things of 2017 and I pray you have a blessed 2018. 

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