Holiday Kit : 5 ways to make the best of it

For one reason or another, there are few of us who do not celebrate the holidays. Guess what? THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT! But the rest may not understand so here are my top 5 ways of dealing with getting through a holiday the world is enthralled in. 

Background: My mother never celebrated Christmas due to a tragedy that took place when I was 1 year old. In fact the first Christmas they decided to celebrated was marred by that tragedy. I grew up not celebrating it. It was pretty cool because we didn’t have to stress about getting anyone a gift, we just hung out as a family and watched Christmas movies on tv. Of course not bragging about Christmas gift was just a small price to pay but considering the toys we got on New Year’s Day (we did that!) were BOMB! 

BACK TO THE BLOG: So here I am a Christian who doesn’t celebrate Christmas, married into a family that celebrates Christmas, working retail with coworkers who celebrates, goes to a church who celebrates Christmas, how do I manage? 

  1. Be respectful: Respect people’s choice to celebrate, respect their love of the holidays, respect their want to have you involved and downright be RESPECTFUL. They want you around and they love you
  2. Be clear: Being a part of the celebration doesn’t mean you have to fake it. You don’t need to assimilate either. Make sure that everyone is aware that way they are not anticipating a gift that will never come or host a turkey dinner that ain’t coming. Be true to you. If you want to, go ahead but you don’t owe anyone anything. 
  3. If you’re going to be a part ENJOY yourself: don’t waste your time being a grouchy. Have fun. Create memories, enjoy the food and be of good cheer. 
  4. Be true: This may be a throwback to number 2 but just in case you need to read it again here we go. Be yourself. Don’t be ashamed of yourself or your stance.
  5. People are people: It doesn’t matter what the title of the Holiday, in fact it doesn’t even matter the holiday, what matters is the time spent with the people you are with. These are your kin, friends and family so remember. Whatever the circumstance you are now together so make a positive impact on their life and let them positively impact you.

I hope these tips help, let me know how do you survive the holidays?

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