Leaps of Faith

My goal for 2018 is to be financial free from debt and worry. I know that money doesn’t have buy happiness but I’d rather get in a Lamborghini than in a Pinto. I mean if I could just have my bills be paid without the worry of “will I have enough to make it?” it would alleviate much of my stress. A dream is great but a goal is better. So here are my top 5 leaps that I plan on taking in 2018.

  1. Buy my own house – A great investment is often scary but the pay off is worth it.
  2. Create my own business – I know that my time is my money. The best way to control my money is to take control of my time. What better way than to take control all the way?
  3. Read, read and read some more – knowledge is power. A piece of paper that says you learned something is great but there is so much to learn why not keep investing in yourself?
  4. Support my people – I love seeing people succeed. There’s a great thing happening in your surroundings when one of your own makes it. It gives off a chain reaction of hope. Invest in your people, chances are you’ll get it back.
  5. Trust my instinct – I have great ideas that never see the light of day because I’m so scared or hearing NO. I want people to be happy with me to a fault. It’s not bad to be thoughtful of others but it shouldn’t keep me from shining.  

These are my goals, hopefully a year from now I can look back and say that I’ve done these things. 

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