Best Gift Ever…

Hello December! 

A new month for new goals and the last month of the year to review and revisit old goals. December is a month that brings a lot. It brings joy, anticipation, anxiety, sorrow, remorse, regret, excitement, birthdays, engagements, get-togethers etc. Get the picture? I mean honestly it can be the best/worst time of the year and for most of us it’s one or the other. 

Growing up, December was always just another month. While most waited in anticipation  for Christmas, I did the opposite. In reality, I didn’t care. My mother lost her little brother in December and I guess I just subconsciously mourned his death alongside my mother.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the family get-togethers and the eating part, the road to get to day has always been…unsatisfactory. So this year I’ve decided to look inward and see what’s up, and that’s when I got the best gift EVER!


I know it’s cliché but it is. I needed it to live and to love. Not Just say the words because it’s “right” thing to do, but to put it on motion so it’d be the right thing to do. That particular word once put in motion releases our potential to be extraordinary human beings. In fact, it allows to BE HUMAN! Who wouldn’t want to be human?

 Who did I forgive?  Let me tell you.

  • I forgave those who wronged me (duh?!)
  • I forgave myself (Once I realized how much of a brat I was being to myself because of these incredibly high standards I had for myself I felt bad. I really treated myself like a jerk to the utmost)

How did I do it? 

  • Cancel that debt. Truth of the matter is, though an apology is owed it should never be the basis for forgiveness. Forgiveness is the receipt that the apology has been made. What’s done is done and the past can’t be changed. What they did/you did was done in ignorance, so be better, wiser and stronger and cancel the debt. 
  • Bury/burn it. Keep no receipt. Don’t bring it up, don’t think about it. You’ll want to feel validated and justified all of over again, thus repeating the cycle again and again and again…

When did I know I forgave?

  • To be honest, I didn’t. I just didn’t let that offence control my every move. I checked my motive and lived my life.
  • Last but not least, I left it in God’s hands. He knows what’s best and I grew from it. 

I hope this helps you close the year with a new perspective. If you’ve got anything to add please don’t hesitate. 


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