Live Life Whole

And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.

Genesis 1:3

One day, for no particular reason, you gasp in this breath of air and voila, you are officially alive. A declaration is made and that day becomes the first day of your life. You opened your eyes and nothing is in focus, it’s obvious isn’t it? You’ve been doing everything up to that point in complete darkness, your eyes need to get adjusted. Eventually it makes sense and you begin to live. 

Sometimes I miss being a child. I miss not worrying about what I’m going to eat and where I’m going to sleep. Some days I didn’t ask because I knew that my mom would make sure these things were taken cared of. We’ve been homeless three times but not one time did my mother not provide us with food, clothes or shelter. She didn’t need child support payments either to make it work, she just did it. As a parent, I can not imagine the stress and pressure she carried to ensure that her kids had what they needed and believe me I don’t wish that on anyone. However she did it. It pains me at times to think about it because she did all of this and faced ridicule and shame from those who should’ve helped and supported her. I don’t think she ever got what she deserved in terms recompense. If her efforts were paid in monetary value she’d be richer than Oprah. Throughout all of this, her reward has always been to see her children happy. Happy and successful. I think, I can say we are repaying pretty well at this point. But to be honest she deserves more. 

She deserves to sit back and relax. She deserves to just breathe in and out like she did as a baby and just look and see a kingdom that is fruitful and prosperous. That pays her tribute for her rule and for accomplishing the near impossible of raising three Christian girls. Her true reward is to live life whole; secure financially and at peace with the good work she produced. She deserves to be all smiles until the day she dies.

That’s the real blessing. That’s what living whole is. It is to live a life full of joy, peace, comfort and security. Not that bad things don’t happen but when they do our faith does not waiver. Also, these things, joy, peace, comfort and security doesn’t break down because of a temporary storm. 

As much as I wish for my mother, I wish it for you. 

Live life whole. 

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