♥️♥️Why Petroleum Jelly Is Awesome? ♥️♥️

No more dry skin! I’m in love with petroleum jelly.

Let me back up.

When the seasons changed and it got colder, my daughter’s baby skin became rough and bumpy. My daughter was literally clawing her skin due to the itch.

I knew I didn’t want to spend money I didn’t have on ointments and extremely expensive creams. I just wasn’t about to go down that route.

See my baby girl has all of these lotions and oils. They are great moisturizers. She didn’t need another moisturizer, she needed a barrier.

I remembered my mother applying it on my face on one cold winter night. I’m not gonna lie, that night my face wasn’t attacked by the harsh winter winds. If it could work for me, it would work for her.

So I grabbed the petroleum jelly. If I could use it on her butt, I could use it on her skin.

Over the next few days her skin cleared up. She stopped scratching herself and I was pleased.

We had fought dry skin and we won.

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